Westco 3' Streamers, Set of 5

Brand: Westco

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Our Perspective

As a former elementary music teacher, I can attest that my students loved using these streamers.  Putting a streamer into the hands of your students will unleash their movement creativity!  If you need any lesson ideas checkout the "related products" on the right hand, bottom side of the screen!

~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant


This set of 5, vibrant streamers are 3 ft. in length with a 12.5 in., unbreakable handle. The streamers are made from lightweight, 70 denier, nylon material that is also used on kites so the streamers will wave effortlessly through the air. Because of their lightweight construction small children and people with limited mobility or strength can easily use them.



1 Yellow streamer

1 Turquoise streamer

1 Chartreuse streamer

1 Pink streamer

1 Royal purple streamer


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