When it's Autumn


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When It's Autumn
By Kathy Reid-Naiman

Colorful leaves, turkeys, and JackO-Lanterns! There is a chill in the air but warmth in singing songs about Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en, changing leaves, and animals preparing for winter. Songs, rhymes, and dances are perfect for young children. CD includes a paper booklet and PDF with lyrics and instructions.  

When It's Autumn
The Most Glorious Day
Walk Old Squirrel
Gray Squirrel
The Gate Swings Open
The Turkey Is a Funny Bird
The Turkey Song
Owl Moon
I Have a Jack O Lantern
Skin and Bones
Hallowe'en Counting Rhyme
Heigh Ho Hallowe'en's Here
Five Little Pumpkins
Roll That Pumpkin Down to Town
Down on the Hallowe'en Farm
I'm a Scarecrow Tall
Tigers Are Sleeping
I Shut the Door
Creepy Crawly Spiders
There's a Spider on the Floor
Brush Your Teeth
When the Spirit Says
Thanks a Lot



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