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Word Wlall
By John Feierabend
Second Edition
406 Cards

These large-format, brightly-colored cards (11 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall), printed on coated card stock, are a wonderful way to enhance the listening, analysis, evaluation, and description of music, music performances, and more! And Word Wall's lively colors are certain to brighten your classroom.

The Second Edition expands the popular set to over 400 cards, adding things like Orff instruments, instrument names, and adding cards to virtually every section.

These cards are organized into the following color-coded categories:

(1) Participants
(2) Performance Standards
(3) Notation
(4) Rhythm
(5) Melody
(6) Scales
(7) Harmony
(8) Expressive Words
(9) Form
(10) Texture and Ensemble
(11) Timbre (Voice, Classroom Instruments, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Keyboard, World Instruments, and Folk Instruments)
(12) Genres
(13) Historical Periods
(14) Folk Dancing

Also available is a set of First Edition Supplement Cards (Item 530569 $20.00), which expands the first edition of the Word Wall cards to include all of the cards in the second edition set.



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