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This Yamaha keyboard bundle is designed for the home studio as well as the stage. Our goal with this bundle is to encourage music making in the home by providing all the tools necessary to create an enjoyable playing experience. This bundle includes the Yamaha P115B digital piano, durable furniture style stand, piano-style 3 pedal unit, flip-top piano bench and a keyboard cover! Keep reading to discover the features of the included products.


"The Yamaha P115B digital piano carries on the tradition of the best-selling P-Series, with even more user friendly features and improved sound quality. Available in black (pictured) or white finishes, the P115 delivers Yamaha piano touch and tone in a compact design and is ideal for home, home-studio and stage use.

Key Features:
-The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled, acclaimed 9' Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, allowing for incredibly dynamic and expressive playing.
-GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and higher in the high end, just like an acoustic piano.
-Split mode lets you play a different voice with each hand.
-Pianist Styles turn your different chords into exciting accompaniment. Play a chord and the Pianist Style gives you a full piano accompaniment.
-Drum Rhythms are great to perform with and also put the fun back into practicing as they are a practical alternative to a metronome.
-The Controller App for iOS devices adds a rich, graphic user interface allowing for quick and easy navigation and configuration.
-192-note polyphony allows you to play complex passages without any dropped notes.
-Damper Resonance DSP recreates the sound inside a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings.
-Sound Boost adds some EQ and volume to help the instrument project and cut through the mix usings its internal speakers, allowing you to be heard in small ensemble situations such as an acoustic jazz trio.
-Speaker On/Off gives the player the option to disable the instrument's on-board speakers while using the Aux line output jacks.
-Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own "middle C" for practicing with a partner.
-Dual mode lets you combine two voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience."


"The Yamaha L85 stand is a great platform for your Yamaha P Series digital piano.

It's compatible with the optional LP5 pedal unit & P Series digital piano.

Yamaha L85 Piano Stand Features:

Compatible with Yamaha P Series Digital Pianos
Furniture-style stand


"The Yamaha LP5A pedal unit for Yamaha P Series digital pianos gives you virtually the same level of expressive control as that of actual acoustic grand pianos, including Half Damper effect, with more realistic control over the sustained sound.

Yamaha LP5A Features:

Damper, Soft and Sostenuto pedals
Half Damper effect for expressive control over sustained sound
Perfect for piano players and music students
Allows the performer to add more refined musical expressiveness
Attaches to L85 keyboard stand (sold separately)

Dimensions: 7" x 53.8" x 12" (H x L x W)
Weight: 13 lbs."


"The On-Stage KB8902B Flip-Top Keyboard Bench is made from a durable, quality wood construction. The design combines a comfortable 1.5" cushion with a flip-top seat, providing storage space for music books and other music accessories.


Height: 19.5"
Weight Capacity*: 240 lbs.
Bench Seat Size: 13.5" x 22.5"
Cushion Thickness: 1.5"
Materials: Wood and Vinyl
Color: Black"


"The On Stage KDA7088B cover will help keep your keyboard safe and free of dust and debris! The durable spandex material stretches to fit 88 key keyboards. Other features include:

-Built-in storage bag
-Plastic chord
-Locking clasp
-Color: Black"


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