Zildjian A Custom A20519 20 Inch Medium Ride

Brand: Zildjian

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Zildjian's A Custom series is A Refined Classic Sound. It’s tough to top the unmistakable and reliable sound of A Zildjians for almost any playing situation, but the award-winning A Customs are an irresistible alternative. Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights and a striking Brilliant finish for a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright – cymbals that are just right for modern music.

A Custom Ride
Good Stick definition, yet good degree of colorful, warmer undertones.
20"   A20518
22"   A20520

Medium Ride
Extremely clear and crisp stick definition and shimmering spread with exceptional cutting power. 
20"   A20519
22"   A20523

Ping Ride
More high-end, stronger "ping" qualities. 
20"   A20522
22"   A20524

Sizzle Ride
Pre-drilled with the traditional configuration of six rivets for clear stick definition and sparkling "sizzle" spread.
20"   A20526

Projection Ride
Beautiful, loud, clear bell and clean articulate "ping" with just the right amount of shimmering undertones. 
20"   A20586
21"   A20587

Flat Top Ride
Clear, crisp, shimmering tone with distinctive dry stick sound. 
20"   A20528


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