Zildjian K Custom K0991 18 Inch Session Crash

Brand: Zildjian

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Zildjian's K Custom series is the Modern Jazz Voice. This is where the Zildjian Sound Lab goes into innovation overdrive. K Customs arm you with a collection of modern K voices like no other. In this range you’ll find sounds that set the standard for modern cymbal design. Whether it’s the warm shimmering tones of a Ride cymbal, or the complex sizzle of a pair of HiHats, these cymbals all create a uniquely beautiful sound. K Customs enable drummers to vary their K sounds to meet the demands of contemporary music.

Dark Crash
Unique crash with dry, trashy overtones. Fast response with very quick decay. Speaks quickly, then dies. Very dark and full-bodied. 
14"   K0949
15"   K0950
16"   K0951
17"   K0952
18"   K0953

Fast Crash
K Custom Crash with new bell design. Faster decay and quicker response than regular K Custom Crashes.
14"   K0980
15"   K0981
16"   K0982
17"   K0983
18"   K0984

Session Crash

Designed with Steve Gadd. Low dark sound with a quick decay, his favorite crash sound.
16"   K0990
18"   K0991

Hybrid Crash
Designed with Akira Jimbo to combine darkness and brilliance. Thin Crashes and Splashes to project like heavier cymbals due to the un-lathed bell.
15"   K1227
16"   K1216
17"   K1217
18"   K1218
19"   K1219


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