The characteristic sounds of traditional Latin instruments are created partly by the size and shape of the instrument, and partly by their unique tunings. Use this chart to make your instruments sound as they were intended, in the traditional range and keys.

String Instrument Tuning Guide

String Number
Instrument 6 5 4 3 2 1
Baritone Guitar B E G D F# B
Baritone Guitar B D G C E A
Dobro G B D G B D
Hawaiian E A E A C# E
Bass 5-String B E A D G
Bajo Sexto Ee Aa Dd GG CC FF
Guitarron A D G C E A
Vihuela A D G B E
Banduria G# C# F# B E A
Banjo G D G B D
Banjo Tenor C G D A
Banjo Plectrum C F A D
Irish Bouzouki C F A D
Irish Bouzouki G D A D
Charango G C E A E
Charango ¾ D G B E B
Cuatro B E A D G
Dulcimer G C C C
Fiddle G D A E
Viola C G D A
Cello C G D A
Mandola C G D A
Mandolin G D A E
Oud G A B E A D
Oud B F# B E A D
Requinto A D G C E A
Ukulele A D F# B
Tenor Ukulele G C E A
Baritone Ukulele D G B E
Guitar E A D G B E
Cuban Tres gG CC eE
Jose Hernandez Cocula Series Vihuela
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