West Music has curated some of the best bongos available on the market today for its customers, bringing buyers a full range of different woods, stains and sizes to choose from. Educators will be able to introduce these lightweight Remo drums to their kids’ classrooms or therapy sessions to nurture creativity, dexterity and social interactions, while professional musicians will cherish the beautiful finishes and Afro-Cuban heritage of LP and Meinl bongos. These musical products are accompanied by helpful features like straps, stands and tuning keys, making it nearly effortless to produce hypnotic rhythms. Find many attractive bongo drum sets for your browsing pleasure at West Music.

Bongos may seem like simple drums, but they offer incredible play versatility. Their instantly recognizable sound bleeds into many different genres of music, including modern Cuban, salsa, and reggae, among others. Due to their portability and ease of use, not only is it common for these drums to feature in professional gigs, but they also receive frequent play in drum circles and the classroom. In fact, because they offer an excellent way to nurture creativity, dexterity, and social interaction in children, bongos are an ideal instrument to introduce into music therapy.

The style of play is flexible, no matter the size or shape of the bongo drums used! The player can strike the drum with the hand using an open palm hit, "slap" with their fingers, "roll" with their palms, or produce a mute tone with fingers touching the drumhead. Utilize this instrument as a solo piece or part of an ensemble. Bongos can easily attach to a standard drum kit and perform with sticks or brushes.

While the instrument always comes as a pair of drums attached by a peck, there is a range of different woods, stains, and sizes from which to choose. Many bongos are tunable for full customization, while others designed specifically for kids will come pre-tuned. Some even include accessories like carry bags, stands, mallets, and shoulder straps. West Music offers bongo drums from top brands like LP, Meinl, and Tycoon at the best prices you’ll find online.

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