Guitar & Folk Strings

Unsure of where to buy guitar and ukulele strings? West Music brings you products from top manufacturers like Aquila, CF Martin, Ernie Ball and more. What’s more, we understand that your choice in guitar or ukulele strings needs to accommodate your skill levels and sound preferences. For instance, if you’re searching for new acoustic guitar strings and like a challenge, take a look at a heavier string gauge. For beginners, lighter gauge versions will bring the best comfort. At West Music, we've curated a premium selection of electric, acoustic and classical guitar strings, offered in popular materials like nylon, nylgut and silver-plated copper. Additionally, our ukulele strings includes soprano and baritone options, as well as everything in between. Order online with West Music to produce sweet jazz, captivating classical or uplifting island melodies.

The bread and butter of a guitarist or ukulele player are their strings. Without proper guitar or ukulele strings, even the most professional players can sound off. When choosing strings for your instrument, there are a number of things to think about, including experience level, thickness gauge for sound quality, and what type of instrument you have. Nylon won’t work for some instruments and steel could actually damage others beyond repair. We have many options to suit all price points and musical requirements.

Our guitar strings are available for classical, electric, and steel string acoustic guitars. Choose a heavy gauge if you are an experienced player and want a full, warm sound, or a light gauge if you want to rock out and play many solos, or if you are still learning. We stock a number of famous brands, such as Ernie Ball and Martin. These guitar strings last play after play and are durable until it is time for a replacement. For the Ukulele player, we have tenor and banjo ukulele strings, and a range of other options, and carry various brands such as Aquila. For your convenience, all of our strings are available online at West Music for you to purchase today!

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