A marching lyre for your trumpet, flute or clarinet is a life-saver for any player that must read music but can’t have a stand during a performance. West Music has compiled flip folders and lyres from popular manufactures like Yamaha, CG Conn and American Plating. In order to guarantee a snug, sturdy fit that will withstand even the most rigorous routine, these helpful accessories are offered in durable plastic, as well as polished silver and brass. What’s more, they are crafted to provide top convenience and comfort, as the instrument lyres bend to complement the exact shape of your trumpet, clarinet, trombone, saxophone or flute. Buy lyres and music flip folders to keep the necessary notes where players can ideally see them in order to ensure the best performance possible.

For musicians who handle trumpets, clarinets, and trombones, holding sheet music while playing is an impossible task. Using a stand to rest sheet music on is often a pain if the musician wishes to be mobile while playing. Lyres and music sheet flip folders give a string player the freedom he or she needs to read music and impress during performance at the same time. Flip folders offer musicians a distinct advantage, as they can hold a number of sheets to read off. Meanwhile, lyres are attractive in their design, with a bent stem for simple maneuvering.

These supportive accessories and lyres come available in a variety of different materials. Choose from gold, brass, silver, or plastic to complement the instrument. Find the perfect fit for a string instrument with this variety of selection at West Music today!

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