Orchestral Stands

With the proper orchestral stand, you can ensure your instruments are safe, either on stage, in the classroom, or even during transport. For premium protection, West Music proudly presents viola, violin, string and double bass, and cello stands, all crafted from high quality SFF rubber coated material to maintain your instrument’s beautiful tone and finish. They even include a bow rest and hook. Best of all, these orchestral stands fold up easily, making them a breeze to carry along when traveling. Similarly, if you’re looking to transport or store several orchestral instruments at once, Wenger’s sturdy, sophisticated violin, string bass and cello racks simply can’t be beat. In fact, they’re padded and feature caster wheels to ensure the utmost protection!

Store and protect violins, violas, cellos, and bass with proper orchestral stands and racks. A great option for classrooms where instruments received constant use throughout the day, or for musicians who simply need to rest their piece for a minute without packing it away, these stands and racks make owning or using a string instrument easier. They’re available in lightweight, foldable options that display only one piece at a time, as well as larger, sturdier styles that can hold up to 16 instruments at once, depending on the type.

Crafted using high quality rubbers, padded edging, and durable wood, orchestral racks help maintain the beautiful finishes and prevent damage from improper storage. West Music carries a fantastic assortment from top brands, including Hercules, Ingles, and Wenger, all offered at prices that can work with almost any budget!

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