Recorder Instruments

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Portable, simple and capable of producing a charming sound, recorders are an ideal gateway instrument to help teach basic music theory to beginners. With models from top manufacturers like Yamaha, Harmony and Aulos, West Music offers recorders at a variety of price points.

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Perfect for new musicians, recorder instruments are a fun, easy way to learn the most basic musical skills and concepts. With our selection of top quality alto and soprano recorders from brands you know and love, you’ll be sure to find the right instrument for your beginner. Or buy premium recorders in bulk and outfit your entire classroom! If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact a West Music team member toll free at 1-800-397-9378 for assistance with any questions or concerns. Browse our wide selection of alto and soprano instruments from Aulos, Harmony and Yamaha, and let us help you find the best recorder instrument for your child or class.

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