Stretchy Bands

Teachers, it’s time to get your students more engaged in class lessons! That’s why West Music has curated a perfect collection of bright stretch bands, octabands and cooperative blankets for classroom use or music therapy sessions. Designed to stimulate movement, imagination and group cooperation, kids young and old will love these colorful products. A stretchy band can be used in a group, though we also sell individual-use versions. Similarly, cooperative blankets are available in a variety of sizes to encourage students to lose inhibition and move freely to music. Explore West Music’s stretchy bands for kids and discover a new movement prop your students will truly adore.

Set a fun tone for class with the variety of stretchy bands and blankets for kids from West Music. These flexible bands, blankets, and circles help improve children’s movement and cooperation skills, as well as their creativity and confidence in self-expression. Perfect for early-education teachers looking for an exciting way to get children up and active, these bands also work well for music therapists who want learners with disabilities or the elderly to work on coordination and movement exercises. No matter if you’re looking for products that the whole class can join in on, or just individual pieces for private practice, West Music carries a wide assortment of styles, colors, and sizes to fulfill your needs.

Let students dancing freely to music or have clients target specific muscles with assigned routines, however you utilize these stretchy bands and movement blankets is sure to be a highlight of their day. Available from brands like Bear Paw Creek, Octaband, and even our in-house label, these products deliver quality performance at prices that work with your budget.

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