Talking Drums

Talking drums are a fascinating addition to any classroom. Known as one of the oldest instruments in history, their roots trace back to West Africa, a region renowned for its impassioned beats. Talking drums (also known as tama, dundun and gangan drums) mimic speech; to do this, a player adds and releases tension on the many cords, which are an integral part of the mallet-played instrument. At West Music, we carry a finely curated collection of these fun and easy African talking drums, including several dunduns from renowned manufacturers like Remo and Jamtown. Explore our percussion section today to invigorate your classroom or playroom with sweet sounds of tama drums, available to be shipped straight to your school or home.

Take students on a trip back in time with the ancient talking drums offered at West Music. Crafted to mimic the sound of speech, African talking drums were originally used by tribes to communicate and hold “conversations” the spirits. Made from authentic materials including goatskin and Kintekloth, as well as synthetics, many of these instruments also come equipped with a curved mallet. To create the variety of different sounds, students can squeeze the drum and use their hands, or strike with the mallet.

Available in different sizes, styles, and finishes, African talking drums work for musicians both young and old. West Music offers a great selection from top names including Jamtown, Overseas Connection, and Remo, bringing you quality products at prices you can afford.

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