World Drums & Percussion

Explore the rhythmic sounds of the globe with an eclectic array of world drums and percussion instruments here at West Music. You can bring the sounds of Africa home or into your classroom with beginner or professional grade djembes, doumbeks & darbukas, talking drums and more. Discover South America with cajons, timbales, tubanos or decorative bongo drums for kids. Many of these drums are extremely versatile and can be played with a stick or by hand, making them fantastic for music therapy patients, group drumming sessions and children.

Encourage students to delve into something new and different with the collection of world drums and percussion instruments available at West Music. From Africa and South America to Asia and the Middle East, musicians of all ages can take a trip around the world without ever leaving the classroom, just with the instruments they play in your classroom. Discover the unique and rich sounds produced by percussion pieces including bongos, djembes, talking drums, and cajones, and take students on a musical adventure. A great option for music therapists too, many of the exotic drums and instruments are easy to use and produce sounds clients will love.

West Music carries world drums and percussions from trusted names including Remo, Sonor, Acme, Basic Beat, Hohner Kids, and Pearl, all at prices that work with your budget. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.
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