8 Miniaturen Fur Blockflote und Orff-Instrumente
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8 Miniaturen Fur Blockflote und Orff-Instrumente

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8 Miniaturen fur Blockflote und Orff-Instrumente
8 Miniatures for Descant or Treble Recorder and Orff Instrument
By Hermann Regner
Softcover Book
15 pages  
Eight miniature pieces for descant or treble recorder (1 player) and alto xylophone, alto metallophone, bass xylophone (1 or 2 players). Three pieces are written for descant recorder and alto xylophone; two pieces are for treble recorder and alto metallophone, and three pieces are for descant recorder and alto xylophone and bass xylophone.
Regner writes that these Miniatures were written to give more advanced players an opportunity to play in ensemble with xylophones or metallophones. They are technically and musically exacting pieces which lead directly from the realm of elementary Music for Children  to chamber music for recorders. The pieces are also valuable for study as well as for performance. For purposes of performance the order may be changed.


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AuthorRegner, Hermann


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