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Boomwhackers BWDG 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set


Item No. 200346
Alt. Part # BWDG
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Teachers and Students LOVE Boomwhackers! Every teacher I have ever talked to has included Boomwhackers in their classroom. They are colorful and add a unique sound to any ensemble. --Stephanie

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This Boomwhackers BWDG diatonic set includes 8 tubes tuned to the notes of the C major scale. By gently striking nearly any surface (tables, chairs, floors, your thigh or hand, your shoe…whatever!) you can produce a full, audible tone. Different surface produce different sounds, but the pitch always remains the same.

To extend the range of this Boomwhacker set, we recommend adding the Octavators for Boomwhackers (200403). By placing one of these caps on the end of any Boomwhackers tube, the pitch is automatically lowered by eight tones or one full octave. It's a great way to extend the range of this standard set of Boomwhackers economically.


Tubes range in length from 12" - 24"
Tubes measure 1.625" in diameter

Each Boomwhacker is tuned to a different pitch and has a unique color:

C1 (red)
D1 (orange)
E1 (yellow)
F1 (light green)
G1 (aqua)
A1 (violet)
B1 (fuchsia)
C2 (red) 

Age: 3 years and older

Price drops when you purchase 6 or more sets!

Brand Name Boomwhackers
Ages 3 Years+
Reviews (11)
  • Awesome products!
    Our students love these things! They get to hit their knee, the floor, a chair, and even other Boomwhackers!
  • Boomwhacker order
    I love ordering from West Music! I was able to take advantage of a great sale. The boomwhackers were in stock and they arrived at my school about 5 days after I ordered. Great service! Wonderful products!
  • Fantastic product!
    A great tool for visualizing the relationship between parallel major and minor scales.
  • Students love
    i use in the classroom
  • great fun
    We have not used these much yet, other than for exploration, but I can see we will be able to get a great deal of use out of them. The size of this set is great for our 0-5 age group.
  • Boomwhackers
    My students really enjoyed these! I have found it easier for the students to use with the octavator caps I purchased with the boomwhackers.
  • Love
    love the Boomwhackers!
  • Great product
    The students in our Music room love using the boom wackers.
  • Fun and Easy to play
    The children have fun and learn how to read music and compose songs in groups! these colored musical tubes are the best teaching tools any music teacher could have ! I highly recommend them.
  • Kids love them!
    My kids can earn BOOM Days! If they can spell BOOM by earning a letter a day on their behavior. They really look forward to BOOM day and they are also learning how to read music and playing an instrument, and they are cheap enough everyone has a tube
  • We love Boomwhackers!
    Boomwhackers are so cheap, and such an easy instrument to get out for students and use. The colors make it easy for students to learn notation and new songs.
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