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Presenter Recommendations - AOSA

Presenters & Sessions

Lorelei Batislaong: Meaningful Musical Experiences & the Ukulele

David Thaxton: Energize Recorder with Exploration and Improvisation

Scott Edgar: Social Emotional Learning in Music Education

James Harding: Animation and Elemental Music

Diana Hawley: Envisioning Curriculum for 2020 and Beyond

Franklin Willis: The Importance of Improvisation in Culturally Responsive Teaching
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Elemental Ukulele: Pathways & Possibilities
Item No. 871899 In Stock
Batislaong, Lorelei Sams, Roger
Mallet Madness
Item No. 826441 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Almeida, Artie
Music Education and Social Emotional Learning
Item No. 867091 In Stock
Edgar, Scott
The ABCs of My Feelings and Music
Item No. 872637 In Stock
Edgar, Scott Edgar, Stephanie
Item No. 843344 In Stock
Frazee, Jane
Artful–Playful–Mindful: In Action
Item No. 860780 In Stock
Davis, Leonard Larsen, Diana Hawley
Spielbuch für Xylophon III
Item No. 812610 In Stock
Orff, Carl Keetman, Gunild