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African Rhythms KIT4 Tongue Drums w/ Mallets, Set of 4
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    One look at their instruments and it is easy to see African Rhythms dedicates their company to offering high quality, sturdily constructed products inspired by the rhythms and harmonies of African music. Drums are a staple in African music, and make an exciting instrument to explore the world of sound. Their tongue drums, a specialty instrument, feature solid oak drum faces that create a woody tone and a pleasing sound when played solo or as part of an ensemble.

    Ideal for early music classes, music therapy, and drum circles, African Rhythm's tongue drums designs make them effortless for users to all levels to play and enjoy! All of African Rhythm's tongue drums are 4-pitch and range from contrabass to piccolo. The drums have pentatonic tuning with no F#'s, which allows them to blend well with other tongue drums. Each includes a pair of bouncy rubber mallets, ready for use upon arrival of the drum. West Music is proud to carry these beautiful African Rhythm instruments.