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Music education is an essential and enriching part of a child's upbringing, even if your youngster isn't quite ready to perform at Carnegie Hall. With this in mind, Aulos produces finely crafted, superb sounding recorders to ensure your students begin their musical journey on the right note. Ideal for early childhood use, Aulos recorders have been essential classroom musical instruments for 50+ years, which means they're a time-tested brand that refuses to sacrifice quality for a quick buck. In fact, these recorder instruments are made from the toughest ABS plastic for advanced safety if they fall to the floor. West Music proudly offers a line of  soprano, alto and tenor recorders that will keep you and your students happy and musically engaged.

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Aulos A203A Soprano Recorder
Item No. 400219 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Aulos Ivory
$10.89 $7.49
Aulos A533B Bass Recorder
Item No. 400228 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$606.49 $429.99
Aulos A309A Alto Recorder
Item No. 400224 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$49.89 $33.99
Aulos A211A Tenor Recorder
Item No. 400222 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$89.29 $58.99
Aulos A204AF Soprano Recorder, Adaptive Model
Item No. 400220 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$31.69 $21.49
Aulos A521 Bass Recorder
Item No. 400782 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$514.99 $348.99
Aulos A501S Garklein Recorder
Item No. 400225 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$46.19 $31.49
Aulos A511B Tenor Recorder
Item No. 400227 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$149.59 $101.99
Aulos A507B Sopranino Recorder
Item No. 400226 In Stock
Aulos Brown
$23.29 $15.49

    With 50 years of experience, Aulos has quickly become experts in the plastic recorder field. They believe in offering almost indestructible instruments, ideal for introducing a love of music in children. In catering to the student population, they became a favorite among music educators around the world. They are a time-tested brand that refuses to sacrifice quality for a quick buck.  Made with tough ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, the soprano, alto, and tenor recorders are particularly durable as this plastic material prevents cracks and breaking due to falls or during use. They also feature superb voicing, smooth joining with no air leaks, and excellent intonation. Most of their recorders have Baroque fingering, with newer models featuring German fingering holes. They even offers a product for players with disabilities by rotating and plugging certain holes, this recorder accommodates fingers that are missing or do not function normally. Browse these trusted recorders on West Music today!

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