Since the brand stepped into the spotlight in 1981, Aurora has been a leading supplier of high quality character products for teachers and parents alike. The company’s plush animal hand puppets – like their top-selling parrot and panda puppets – creatively introduce students to the basics of rhythm and melody, grammar and mathematics in an engaging, fun-to-follow way. They’re crafted to make a difference. In fact, Aurora Puppets have a characteristic knack for entertaining kids, acquainting them with music and, most importantly, teaching them to enjoy learning. Find the perfect Aurora animal puppets today with West Music, and let the fun begin!

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Aurora 32048 Cow Puppet
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$11.00 $8.95
Aurora 16562 Scruff Dog Puppet
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$14.00 $11.95
Aurora 06812 Wolfgang Wolf Puppet
Item No. 540102 In Stock
$11.00 $8.95
Aurora 32024 Glade Alligator Puppet
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$11.00 $8.95
Aurora 32047 Pig Puppet
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$11.00 $8.95 Not available
Aurora 06214 Neptune Fish Puppet
Item No. 540106 In Stock
$14.00 $11.95
Aurora 02345 Petey Parrot Puppet
Item No. 540099 In Stock
$14.00 $11.95
$11.00 $8.95
$16.00 $13.95

    Aurora animal hand puppets strive to deliver the gift of smiles to their customers, employees, and communities. In fact, these adorable creatures are specially designed to keep young children engaged as they learn about music and other subjects. For instance, you can teach children a new song with the help of a plush Aurora farm animal puppet, or help them learn an under-the-sea dance with “Sharky.” All in all, you and your little ones will have a blast with these products that are cute enough to bring even the shyest of youngsters out of their shells. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your child’s Aurora plush animal puppets meet the strict toy safety requirements issued and enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.