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Backyard Music creates low-cost banjos and dulcimers without compromising quality to provide the ultimate beginner’s instrument! The company found that specialized cardboard material is very acoustically responsive and strong, yet is lightweight enough for easy handling and transporting. Children can play a cardboard dulcimer as early as age four because of how simple it is to use. Finger placement won’t be an issue with the fretted dulcimer, and its strings are tuned to an open chord so any combination of sting you strum will sound. Its table-top design lets the player see exactly where his or her fingers are for quick learning. Inexpensive and effortless, Backyard Music’s cardboard banjos and dulcimer are great instruments to start or continue early music education with.

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Backyard Music FSD Finished Simplicity Dulcimer with Cardboard Soundbox
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Backyard Music 5-String Basic Banjo
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Backyard Music 5-String Basic Banjo Kit
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    With low prices, abundant sound and thousands of dulcimers sold since 1980, Backyard Music is a well-known name in folk instrument production for music educators. Their banjos and dulcimers feature designs like tabletop designs, frets, and open-chord tuning which facilitates quick learning and effortless enjoyment by the musician. Backyard Music banjos and dulcimers are lightweight, and simple to handle and transport thanks to composite wood substitutions. For example, the dulcimers and harps have hollow sound boxes made from corrugated cardboard that are as acoustically responsive as heavier building materials. Backyard Music prides themselves in making instruments that are of a quality they themselves would enjoy playing at home.

    Unlike other inexpensive models, Backyard instruments have great action because of careful inspection and adjustment. The banjos and dulcimers have tuners that won't slip once the strings stretch out. The wood, like Nicaraguan mahogany and ash, won't bow under string tension and, if treated right, will last a lifetime. Stock the classroom or home with Backyard Music instruments from West Music!