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Basic Beat

Exclusively offered at West Music, Basic Beat percussion instruments are known for their easy playability, quality and affordability - making them ideal for the elementary music classroom or music therapy setting. Keep a steady beat with Rhythm Sticks, shake out your sillies with an Egg Shaker, or create a beautiful melody with your Orff Mallets.

Basic Beat offers something for everyone and all products in the Basic Beat brand are backed by our 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

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Basic Beat BBGL Glockenspiel Bag
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Basic Beat
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    Encourage a love for rhythm and an interest in music with Basic Beat's percussion instruments. Designed for music therapists and educators, their bells, beat blocks, triangles, finger cymbals, and tambourines are available exclusively at West Music. Basic Beat instruments are the perfect size for little hands, encouraging play for young musicians. Ideal for group use or solo use, these Basic Beat products are portable, making it just as easy for students to setup in the classroom as the performance hall. Known for their simplicity, quality, and affordability, the products are a top choice for teachers. Let children keep the beat with an easy-to-handle rhythm stick or log drum and expose them to a variety of sounds from around the world with Basic Beat's selection of World Drums. Products like the egg shakers and maracas come in vibrant colors that young children will find especially pleasing to the eye. West Music has no shortage of Basic Beat instruments for purchase today!

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