Bear Paw Creek Movement Props

Made in America, Bear Paw Creek brings you a line of colorful toys that are sure to bring fun and excitement to your musical therapy sessions or young classroom. We are excited to offer customers an array of Bear Paw Creek bean bags, Q chord gig bags and stretchy bands that are practically machine-washable and appropriate for children of all ages. Healthy movement can take place indoors as these soft play items are safe to toss about without fear of injury. Let Bear Paw Creek toys feed imagination and fun group activities, and order your colorful bean bags and stretchy bands from West Music.

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Bear Paw Creek Cloth Bean Bags
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Bear Paw Creek Large Stretchy Band
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Bear Paw Creek Hoop Scarf Streamers
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Bear Paw Creek Medium Stretchy Band
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Bear Paw Creek Q-Chord Gig Bag
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Bear Paw Creek Textured Bean Bags
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Bear Paw Creek Wrist Ribbons
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    Bear Paw Creek came to life after combining a passion for sewing and understanding the need for quality products for music therapy. Here at West Music, we offer a selection of top selling props, bags, and totes designed for music therapists and guardians of young children who want to encourage movement and engagement with music. Bear Paw Creek products include vivid-colored streamers, beanbags, and scarves. Use their rainbow stretchy band as part of circle activities. Introduce their textured beanbags into various games and let children explore the variety of sensations the fur, corduroy, velour, and rough surfaces provide. When it comes time to clean up and transport these props, grab one of their handy, functional tote bags. Since 2000, Bear Paw Creek features end-to-end product creation in the United States. Their sewing business continues to expand, while the operation remains a family business with dedication to providing high quality, music education, and music therapy accessories for teachers around the nation and the larger global community.