Boomwhackers are the fun, colorful music tube!

Introduced under the Whacky Music brand and founded by Craig Ramsell, Boomwhackers had humble beginnings as cut cardboard tubes destined for the recycling bin. Ramsell noticed that the tubes made different pitches and decided to investigate the potential to create musical instruments from them. He and his wife created the original plastic model in 1995. Today, Boomwhackers are tuned percussion tubes that a user hits together or against any surface to create musical notes. In addition, the Boomwhacker tube can produce a different, but just as pleasing, tone when struck with its accompanying mallets. Their ease of use makes the tubes ideal for group rhythmic activities, music therapy, young music classes, and audience participation. Because of similarities in pitch and tonal range, the tube is an inexpensive alternative to xylophones and other high-pitched instruments. Players can even lower the pitch an octave when placing an Octavator Cap on one end of the tube. Other accessories sold by the company include mallets and a set of card games coordinated with using the tubes.