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Founded by Colonel Charles Gerard Conn in the late 1800s, the C.G. Conn brand has been a staple in musical instrument manufacturing ever since. In fact, C.G. Conn himself developed the first American-made cornet. From there, business flourished. Specializing in top-quality band instruments and accessories, C.G. Conn places an especially large focus on school bands nationwide – the brand even hosted the first National Band Contest in Chicago. Explore West Music's collection of Conn Musical Instruments and discover precisely crafted Plasti-Lyres for trumpet, saxophone, trombone and sousaphone. Also browse our brass oil and lubricants to maintain that crisp sound.

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CG Conn Sousaphone Straight 8" Plasti-Lyre
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CG Conn Trombone Plasti-Lyre
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CG Conn Baritone Sax Plasti-Lyre
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    Founded in the late 1800's, the C.G. Conn brand is a leading manufacturer of brass instruments and accessories, including precisely crafted lyres for trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and sousaphones. Over the years, the brand has become the pioneer of brass; they were the first to develop an American-made cornet, the first to host the National Band Contest in Chicago, and the first to build a sousaphone to John Philip Sousa's specifications. Because of these feats, C.G. Conn is a well-known name in the band instrument market - especially with schools and music educators. Conn-Selmer continues to offer a variety of high quality instruments aimed at the school band market including saxophones, cornets, French horns, and flugelhorns. They also offer a variety of accessories including lyres for band instruments as well as brass oil and lubricants designed to maintain a horn's crisp sound. Shop C.G. Conn for classroom or individual use at West Music today!