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When it comes to creating the perfect drum set, sturdy stands and durable hardware is absolutely vital. Perfect for novice and seasoned drummers alike, Chronos Percussion is dedicated to keeping your drums and cymbals secure, within reach and standing tall. Whether you're searching for a streamlined snare drum stand, cases, covers or mounts, Chronos has established itself as a trusted source for all of your percussion hardware needs. Every throne, crash cymbal cradle and trap tray tripod base reflects the company's core values of consistency, simplicity and functionality. Discover West Music's high-quality Chronos Percussion cymbal and drum stands for your next performance.!

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Chronos CA85 Gong Stand
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Chronos CA10 Drumset Snare Stand
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Chronos SP-049/BL Blackwood Claves
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    Stands are an essential part of any drum set or percussion section and no one makes more durable and sturdy hardware than Chronos. Renowned in the industry, Chronos is the go-to brand for everything from snare drum stands, folding bass drum stands, and gong stands. Their inventory also includes cymbal booms, cases, covers, and mounts. In other words, they are the place to get products that will ensure that percussion gear doesn't go awry during practice and performance. Chronos products keep drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments secure, within reach, and standing tall. Designed to meet a diverse range of needs, Chronos products feature adjustable heights and positions. They are popular among both novice and seasoned drummers and their accessories fit in a variety of settings from the classroom to the performance hall because of their simplicity, functionality, consistency, and durability. Each product is a reflection of the company's dedication to empowering musicians to play their absolute best.