Dampit is the original and leading manufacturer of musical instrument humidifiers. Its revolutionary humidifiers for guitars protect musical instruments from cracking, drying, and warping due to temperature changes and moisture in the atmosphere. Our selection of Dampit humidifiers consistently keeps your instruments at the perfect level to keep them in top shape and extend their lifespan. Though your school or organization may not have the most advanced room or cases to store your array of instruments in, you can be sure your string instruments will survive the dramatic humidity changes with Dampit. Explore West Music today for the best viola, violin, cello, string bass and guitar humidifiers from Dampit.

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Dampit Violin Humidifier
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Dampit Cello Humidifier
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Dampit Viola Humidifier
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Dampit String Bass Humidifier
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Dampit Mini Violin Humidifier
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    Care for your instrument properly and it will perform well. It’s as simple as that, which is why Dampit designed premier musical instrument humidifiers to reduce dryness, warping, and cracking in your guitar, cello, violin or viola. They calibrate humidity levels to keep your instrument is in an ideal environment (between 45% and 55% humidity.) To get the best use out of your Dampit guitar, violin, viola, string bass or cello humidifier, first immerse it in water for 20 seconds. Then, pinch the ends to remove extra hydration and wipe the tube dry. Finally, place the Dampit humidifier inside the body and consider your beloved string instrument protected from harmful humidity. Plus, all Dampit humidifiers can be left in the instrument without changing the sound!