Dobani Horns and World Instruments

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Dobani Curved Taxi Bulb Horn
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Dobani Straight Taxi Bulb Horn
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    Dobani, also known as Mid-East Music, has a tireless dedication to creating instruments of cultural significance for musicians, students, and enthusiasts of all levels. From beginners to professionals, their percussion and wind instruments reflect a dedication to craftsmanship and desire to bring the energy of music to any player. Dobani instruments produce cool, clear tones. Because their range of products represents rare finds in the music world, they are an ideal choice for introducing students to the diverse sounds of music around the world. What began as a makeshift factory that supplied finger cymbals for belly dancing students has turned into a full-scale operation that offers over 400 different types of instruments including ocarinas and bulb horns. Founded more than 40 years ago, Dobani strives to offer something for everyone. They consistently pioneer new designs and develop new manufacturing methods to increase quality, availability, affordability, and exceed public expectations.