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Dream FENG22 22" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204307 In Stock
Dream CHAU20 20" Chau Gong
Item No. 204313 In Stock
Dream TIGER14 14" Tiger Sound Gong
Item No. 204325 In Stock
$131.67 $79.00
Dream FENG12 12" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204305 In Stock
Dream CHAU18 18" Chau Gong
Item No. 204312 In Stock
Dream FENG16 16" Feng (Wind) Gong
Item No. 204306 In Stock
Dream CHAU24 24" Chau Gong
Item No. 204314 In Stock
Dream CHAU16 16" Chau Gong
Item No. 204311 In Stock
Dream CHAU40 40" Chau Gong
Item No. 204320 In Stock

    For the absolute best in gongs, look no further than the professional quality of Dream. Dream gongs are orchestral quality and some of the most dependable instruments in the world. They are available in a variety of styles including Chau, Feng (Wind Gong), Jin Ban (Opera Gong), and Tiger (bend down).

    Dream's goals are simple; to make the best-sounding gongs, sell them at fair prices, and let quality speak for itself. While recognizing that playing a gong opens up a world of discovery, creativity, and innovation, they strive to make instruments that help musicians of all experience levels explore their world.

    Dream takes the manufacturing process of gongs seriously by never using entry-level sheet metal or low-budget knockoffs. Their Chinese gong artisans hammer the gongs in the ancient traditions passed down for centuries. Because of hand forging and hammering, each instrument is a unique work of art that is as individual as the playing style of its owner.