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Evans Strata EST34 34" Timpani Head
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Evans Strata EST31 31" Timpani Head
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Evans Strata EST28 28" Timpani Head
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    Drummers around the world often refer to Evans drumheads as the "finest," and with good reason. They continue to raise the bar on drumhead quality and consistency by continuously investing in product development to innovate in their field. Their products, including bass drum, snare, and marching tenor drumheads, are truly durable - holding up after multiple practices and playing sessions. Evans is a groundbreaking company, as they are the inventor of the synthetic (plastic or polyester) drumhead. In 1956, Chick Evans first used polyester film to form a drumhead and its result forever changed the drumming world. Musicians and educators (particularly marching band directors) suddenly had a more efficient alternative to replacing entire drums. With big name customers including Phil Rudd of AC/DC, Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Wilco's Glenn Kotche, the Evans' drumheads won professional approval across the business for its consistent sound. Through working with these musicians, they strive to understand and meet the needs of every drummer from light jazz to metal.