As one of the premier makers of plush puppets worldwide, Folkmanis has been providing kids across the world with these stuffed animal puppets for over three decades. Built with beautiful craftsmanship and realistic features, Folkmanis hand puppets are a gift every child would enjoy in their home or classroom. Rather than sitting in front of a TV or computer, kids will actively engage with others, explore their imagination and learn about the friendly creatures that inhabit our world. Moreover, it will naturally draw shy children from their shell; strengthen fine motor skills as little ones vocalize and move their hands; and enable youngsters to navigate tricky feelings that might otherwise be difficult to acknowledge. So whether you're bringing a pocket-sized Mini Pet Mouse Puppet on a field trip or adding the full sized Rooster Puppet to the toy chest, Folkmanis Puppets at West Music are sure to bring smiles, laughter and education to your classroom or home.

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Folkmanis 2566 Fluffy Cat Puppet
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Folkmanis 2236 Snowy Owl Puppet
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$35.99 $32.40
Folkmanis 2576 Small Red Fox Puppet
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$8.99 $8.10
Folkmanis 2922 Duckling Puppet
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$21.99 $19.80
Folkmanis 2028 Snail Puppet
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$23.99 $21.60
Folkmanis 2048 White Bunny Rabbit Puppet
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$14.99 $13.50
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$9.00 $8.10

    Folkmanis Puppets started off as a project of love in 1976, and has since grown to become one of the most award-winning puppet manufacturers on the market. When you buy one of their plush animals, that range from bumble bees to kitties, you will encourage years of fun amongst your youngsters. Plus, Folkmanis animal puppets are designed to provide a friendly medium through which little ones can strengthen early-childhood development. Caring for these beautiful children learning aids are easy; all you have to do is handwash Folkmanis puppets and let them air dry, making it simple to maintain a pristine appearance no matter how messy your child may be. Explore a broad ecosystem of plush animal designs to find the beautifully crafted hand and finger puppets your children will love.