Grover Mallets and Drum Sticks

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Grover PTC Triangle Clip, Wood
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Grover BDM-1 General Concert Bass Drum Mallet
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Grover TT-2 Medium General Gong Mallet
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Grover CT-L Large Triangle Bag
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    Grover Pro Percussion formed from one man's curiosity about a particular triangle. He began as a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where Grover had his first experience with a triangle in the percussion section. He set out to understand a triangle's unique overtone sound, and eventually created his own personal triangle. As word of mouth spread about his creation, Grover began to fulfill requests from other percussionists to create similar triangles. Soon, Grover Pro launched, resulting in famous instruments like the Grover Trophy.

    Today, the company offers a full range of percussion instruments as well as percussion accessories including mallets, triangle clips and mounts, cases, and covers. Grover Pro now employs a dedicated team of percussion specialists that infuse musical expertise into all of the products they design and produce. Their products fit into classrooms and performance halls found everywhere throughout the world.