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Harmony H100 Soprano Recorder
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Harmony BB26 Plastic Cleaning Rod
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    Harmony recorders are the perfect choice for music educators looking for a reasonably priced, yet durable instrument. With a wide range of voices, including sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, these Harmony student recorders are an inexpensive way to bring instruments that perform well and have a classic full-bodied tone into the classroom. Many of the recorders come with a durable protective bag, cleaning rod, and fingering chart (Baroque-English fingering). Musicians and teachers can also buy these products, along with neck straps, separately.

    Available exclusively at West Music, Harmony recorders are ideal for students because of their affordability, excellent intonation, durability, and smart design that makes for easy handling and simple maintenance. They are available in a variety of color choices, including translucent styles, and come as individual instruments or in sets. Sets of four or five contain one recorder instrument in each voice, which works best for small ensembles, while larger sets contain instruments of one voice and make it simpler to outfit large player groups.