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Originating from a pure love of music, Innovative Percussion has been a leading creator of drum sticks, percussion cases, covers and accessories for more than three decades. With their premium craftsmanship and affordable prices, Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets are celebrated by educators and players for its environmentally-friendly materials, masterful timbre and painstaking construction. Even better, this manufacturer provides products for instruments as diverse as marching drums, marimbas and xylophones. Innovation Percussion is consistently refining its craft to introduce performers to new woods, wrapping textiles and designs; in the process, it has gained the appreciation of some of today’s most successful drummers and is steadily growing its global reach. Explore West Music to find dozens of Innovative Percussion mallets and drum sticks to fulfill your young players' or classroom's needs.

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Innovative Percussion FP-3 College Primer Mallet Pre-Pack
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Innovative Percussion Jim Casella IP1002 Medium Marimba Mallets
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