Joia Tubes

"Joia" is a Brazilian word meaning "bright, brilliant, clear, and shining" - all of which describe the fun and colorful Joia Tubes. Handcrafted in the USA, these simple and fun music tubes deliver an orchestral sound, which resonates through the tubes. Perfect for professional use, early learning, or just for fun and musical expression, Joia instruments produce beautiful, melodic pitches however you play them. The bright colors and easy-to-use paddle mallets make Joia Tubes the perfect vehicle to introduce kids of all ages to music. Explore our entire collection of Joia tube instruments here at West Music today!

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Joia Tube Orff JT/ORFFBASS Bass Diatonic Tube Set
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Joia Tube Outdoor Playground Two Octave C-C Set
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    For thousands of years, cultures across the globe have created music with pipe instruments. While many of these first instruments weren’t terribly musical, Brazilian-Portuguese musicians developed Joia Tubes to give their compositions deeper resonance and volume with melodic tones that weren’t possible with previous designs. These simple pitched percussion instruments have found fame in recent years in the hands of the Blue Man Group and in the many music therapy programs that use them to aid in student recovery. West Music strongly supports the use of joia tubes for their ease of play and instantly rewarding, rich sound that all students, no matter their ability, can experience. West Music offers full sets of pitched percussion instruments in multiple octave sets for both indoor and outdoor play. Get started by shopping our full line today.