For children's instruments that are eye-catchingly bright, easy to play and pleasing to the ears, turn to Kids Play Music. This American brand delivers hand and desk bells that can serve as an enticing introduction to musical creation for little ones. Kids Play instruments will instill the basics of music theory and the value of cooperation with others, making these entertaining products a beneficial learning tool for the classroom or home. Additionally, many of the colorful bell sets can create sound with both a shake and tap of a button; this increases the playability for those with limited dexterity or arm strength. West Music offers a wide selection of Kids Play handbells, desk bells, and cases, so you're sure to find the perfect set for the little musicians in your life.

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    Since the 5th Century, hand bell music has been played by children the world over. In Europe and the United States, these beautiful instruments were traditionally played during holiday celebrations and other festive occasions. Since then, their popularity has spread, as evident with Kidsplay handbells increasing popularity. With their varying tones and chimes, the brand’s unique deskbells and handbells promise fun ways to bring customary sound techniques into the classroom without burdening the player. In fact, Kidsplay handbell sets and for children bring joy into any music classroom, no matter age or experience level. Keep the tradition alive with Kidsplay bells from West Music today.