Markerboard People Classroom Whiteboard

For the tools and supplies every music educator needs to teach their class of young musicians, look no further than the Markerboard People. These dry erase boards and markers make it easy to educate children about the "F-A-C-E" in the space and the difference between half and whole notes. Plus, Markerboard People places the lesson directly into your students' hands to make the experience an interactive one to further their attention, information absorption and overall fun. Explore our selection of Markerboard People dry erase boards and accessories at West Music today.

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Dry Erase Markers (Marker Set)
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    Markerboard People knows the significance of hands-on learning – especially for young musicians and students. With their simple-to-use and re-use products – such as dry erase staff boards, bulk markers and easy-clean erasers – your students receive an unparalleled interactive, first-hand experience in their musical education. Compactly sized and sustainable, using dry erase boards keeps your classroom “green,” as they eliminate the need for using wasteful paper products. Plus, unlike sheet alternatives, Markerboard People dry erase boards are one-time purchases that will serve you for years. Mother Earth and your wallet will thank you! Let your students actively participate in classes with musical classroom dry erase boards and accessories from the Markerboard People at West Music today.