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PERFORMANCE PLUS Violin/Mandolin Pitch Pipe
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PERFORMANCE PLUS Viola and Cello Pitch Pipe
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Performance Plus SW1 String Winder, Black
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    Percussion Plus is a leading manufacturer of high quality, handmade percussion instruments for music educators. Their "passion for percussion" shows in their unwavering commitment to stringent tuning procedures that meet AS440 standards and their unwillingness to compromise on sound and pitch. Percussion Plus understands teachers need instruments and accessories that can withstand years of use in and out of the classroom and strive to meet that need in all of their more than 800 product lines. Perfect pitch, price value, and inspiring enjoyment remain the focus of Percussion Plus in all their products from their chimes to their classic drum set. They offer a wide range of instruments for students of all ages and levels from their Colour & Play line for young kids discovering music to their Sonix drum kit line designed for the intermediate or semi-professional drummer.