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Pneumo Pro BFM-PN100 Wind Director
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    Thousands of flutists reach for Pneumo Pro's innovative products to experience a beautiful tone with every note. Whether the player is experienced or a novice, this patented tool is ideal for giving immediate feedback on the placement of the flute's air column. With the simple step of inserting the Pneumo Pro into the flute, students and musicians can receive a balanced read on the airflow. In addition to understanding consistent air column placement, it also assists students in learning perfect tone, tuning, and tonguing with smooth transitions between octaves.

    The product is ideal for classroom settings or during practice. Use the Pneumo Pro wind director while balancing the flute for complete multi-tasking, and even enjoy its benefits silently as an exercise as a teacher is working with other students. Band directors and instructors appreciate the flexibility that comes with using a Pneumo Pro. Incorporate one of these great tools into your classroom today!