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With an almost endless stream of music software available, it can be difficult for educators and students to find the one that suits all of their needs. Fear not, West Music is happy to provide its customers with the best in ear training and music theory programs from Rising Software. Offered in a multitude of bundles and editions, our selection is sure to fit your classroom and home learning needs. Are you working on chord recognition and pitching training with your students? Rising Software’s ear training software, Auralia, makes these types of lessons effortless. Moreover, the company’s music theory aid, Musition, is essential in laying down the fundamentals with emerging musicians. So whether you’re teaching budding players or working on advanced techniques, discover a more innovative and efficient educational experience with Rising Software.

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Rising Software Musition 4 Lab Pack
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    Ear training and musical theory programs, including Auralia and Musition, from Rising Software can give your home education students a true classroom experience in any location. Learning to pick out melodies, rhythm, keys and chords without the benefit of sheet music is a staple technique of any musician. Developing that comprehensive skill set takes time, but Rising Software’s unique product offering allows you to customize its music instruction software for learners at all levels. Both young children and established players can benefit from music theory and ear training group activities with this product sold at West Music. While more experienced students can surge ahead to advanced lessons, your new musicians can practice the fundamentals. Shop West Music today to give your music education program a powerful tool in reaching students in ways not possible without this software.