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    Made by the Roche-Thomas Corporation, Mi-T-Mist keeps equipment clean, and free of residue buildup. A topical antimicrobial that can be used both in instruments and on mouthpieces, the Mi-T-Mist is easy to apply and fast drying. For mouthpiece cleaning, spray a fine mist over the piece and let it evaporate for approximately 45 seconds. Refresh and remove buildup from an instrument by generously spraying, then immediately swabbing the inside until clean. Made to minimize moisture and bacteria, this product is a popular choice amongst instrument owners and players for ensuring equipment is sanitary, and the residual fresh scent adds an extra touch of cleanliness.

    A great option for teachers who want to prevent germs from spreading from student to student, and keep their equipment performing at its best. West Music offers three sizes, a two and 8-ounce spray bottle, and a larger 32-ounce refill bottle.