Think there might be a budding maestro yearning to emerge from the fingertips of your little one? With Schoenhut's attractive toy baby grand pianos, children as young as three can find pleasure in song creation with an instrument that is just the right size. There's no tuning necessary, so the quality miniature instrument’s full two-octave range will stay whimsically chime-like without any additional maintenance. With the Schoenhut toy piano's thirty full size keys and a removable color-coordinated chord strip, youngsters learn chords and proper "finger stretch" early on. The hued strips teach your youngsters key identification and can be transferred to your child’s next piano as he or she progresses. Elegant and sturdy, Schoenhut's toy baby grand pianos will make any young child feel like a professional pianist ready to take the stage!

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Schoenhut Tunable Toy Drum
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    Why wait to get your children involved with playing the piano? With Schoenhut toys and small children’s instruments, your toddlers can begin their musical journey now. In addition to the brand’s premier Schoenhut baby grand pianos – which allow your child to channel their musical grace easily and comfortably – you can also introduce them to the Schoenhut tunable toy drum. This mini drum’s petite size makes it easy for toddlers to carry around and play with. Plus, the tuning adjustability allows for greater versatility as your kids progresses! Shop online with West Music and get your youngster started early in music participation with Schoenhut miniature baby grand piano or toy drum today.