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Founded in 1875 in Germany, Sonor has since cemented its position as a top brand for finely crafted percussion instruments. Known for quality assurance, affordability and accommodating nature towards kids, Sonor's creations like the Orff glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones and bass bars allow students to compose music, learn and develop at their own pace. Of course, this innovative music manufacturer has appealed to many adults as well, including drummers from bands like AC/DC, Journey and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sonor's percussion offerings span across many influences and styles, from Spanish cajons to Cuban Claves to classic drum heads. With a variety of classroom instruments from this leading brand, West Music is proud to continue the Orff tradition and help your students find their musical voice today!

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Sonor Primary AGP-1 Alto Glockenspiel
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Sonor Primary SGP-1 Soprano Glockenspiel
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Sonor Global Beat SGGB Soprano Glockenspiel
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Sonor Global Beat AGGB Alto Glockenspiel
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Sonor Toy Sound BWG Boomwhackers Soprano Glockenspiel
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Sonor 3-5 3 Years+
Sonor BWG Soprano Glockenspiel with Bag
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Sonor 3-5 3 Years+
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Sonor NG 31 Alto Chromatic Glockenspiel
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    At West Music we keep consistent stock of Sonor music products – a leading competitor in percussion items – and bring you Orff instruments for children. Developed in 1929, Orff instruments began to be developed for children. The instruments were meant to provide a basis for positive learning success and an entertaining experience for players of all skill levels. These tone bar instruments are unique because of their ability to remove bars, ensuring a student has a greater chance for success at mastering the instrument. Sonor Orff instruments invigorate children with a new learning approach by exposing them to unique timbres – helping all music parts sound rich and resonant. As an instructor, create an orchestra in a large group or accompany story-time with Orff instruments in a small group. West Music offers a vast range of these special Sonor Orff instruments including glockenspiels, metallophones, and xylophones. Outfit these Sonor Orff music instruments with bags, stands, and other accessories from our selection.

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