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Whether you're searching for a straight mute for your trumpet or a cupped trombone mute, we have the quality products to fulfill your musical needs. Hand made in the USA, Tom Crown Mutes have been played by brass players around the world since 1969. Affordably priced and durably made, these accessories offer surprising range and clear tones. Even better, Tom Crown Mutes require very little care. Choose between the aluminum, brass or copper options for a more "bright", "dead" or "tinny" response. Either way, all Tom Crown trumpet and trombone mutes produce consistent tonal quality that you and your students can depend on.

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Tom Crown Trumpet Straight Mute
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Tom Crown Trumpet Cup Mute
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    Mutes are devices meant to change the tone of the instrument. They are typically used in brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones. The key to finding the right mute is making sure it has good intonation, and can be played in all registers. Built to last a lifetime, Tom Crown mutes will accompany your kids throughout their musical journey. Not sure which model is best for you? Our Tom Crown cup mutes tend to be a little flatter, delivering a sharp sound with an open feel. This particular style is a must for brass players looking to enhance the range of their instruments' sound. Tom Crown straight mutes deliver a different sound than their cup counterparts; When in use, the straight model results in nasal and piercing characteristics. For further advice about which Tom Crown mute may best fit your students' needs, reach out to West Music at 319-351-2000.