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Overcoming the poor design and quality stereotypes of student and ¾ sized instruments compared to professional level instruments was a simple task for Westwood. By paying special attention to construction and value, these guitars, banjos, and ukulele string instruments produce a remarkably clear, top-grade sound. With a number of package options, Westwood designs their programs around the skill level and age of every player, simplifying the teaching process for music instructors and parents.

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Westwood Soprano Ukulele
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$61.99 $39.99
$106.99 $60.00
$126.99 $60.00
$249.99 $179.99
Westwood Concert Ukulele
Item No. 304102 In Stock
$82.99 $54.99
Westwood Guitar-Ukulele Rack
Item No. 356171 In Stock
$89.99 $59.99
Westwood 5-String Resonator Banjo
Item No. 304237 In Stock
$349.99 $249.99
Westwood Guitarrón Deluxe Case
Item No. 355218 In Stock
$499.99 $399.99
Westwood Tenor Ukulele
Item No. 304103 In Stock
$94.99 $40.00

    Westwood beginner guitars are available individually or as part of a bundle with accessories like method books, strings, and tuners. They are easier to play for smaller fingers thanks to the nylon strings and slimmer neck widths. Guitar sizes range from 1/2 size for ages five through eight, to full size which is ideal for students 12 and up. Westwood's 5-string banjos are ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to learn to play the instrument, due to their easy playability. Reasonably priced and fun to play, each banjo comes with a set of thumb/fingerpicks for a complete package. Shop these Westwood string instruments and more on West Music!