Make sure you care for your instrument with West Music's selection of musical brass accessories. We have the quality trombone and trumpet cases that are essential to keeping equipment safe, as well as cleaning tools, valve oils and lubricants to keep them in top playing condition. These goods are manufactured especially for the brass family, so browse our mouthpieces, stands, mutes and guards to make sure your instrument receives the TLC it deserves.

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West Music Trumpet Care Kit
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$19.99 $15.00
West Music Trombone Care Kit
Item No. 450164 In Stock
$19.99 $15.00
Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C
Item No. 450416 In Stock
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Blue Juice Valve Oil 2 oz.
Item No. 450316 In Stock
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West Music Valve Oil
Item No. 450347 In Stock
Harmon Model B Wow Wow Trumpet Mute
Item No. 450750 In Stock
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$10.00 $8.00