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brass polisher

When cleaning brass instruments, it's imperative that you use specially designed cloths and polishes that protect the lacquer and finish. That's why West Music has selected the most reliable brass cloths and cleaner polishes for your use on students' beloved pieces. In fact, our brass polishing cloths and instrument cleaners effectively remove fingerprints to bring a sleek shine back to your brass. Plus, each wipe has a 100% brushed cotton design, so zero lint will be left behind. We also carry a specially formulated polish by Hagerty – for sterling, silver-plated and gold pieces – that keeps tarnishes at bay for months at a time. Take control of brass instrument maintenance with West Music!

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Bach Deluxe Polishing Cloth
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West Music Polishing Cloth for Silver Instruments
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West Music
Hagerty Silver Polish, 8 oz.
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West Music Polishing Cloth for Lacquer Instruments
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    Musicians who play brass know that it is necessary to periodically clean and polish their instruments, giving them a little extra TLC after daily use. When searching for cleaning products that restore shine and remove fingerprints, perspiration, and other grime, a good brass polish and cloth are an absolute must. Nothing is more frustrating than ineffective cleaners or materials that leave behind lint and streaks. On a brass instrument especially, it is necessary to use top quality, reputable polish and non-abrasive cotton wipes designed specifically for sterling, silver-plated, and gold pieces.

    Brass instruments also have a tendency to tarnish over time and polish is an excellent way to keep rust at bay. Products like silver polish include special ingredients to help prevent tarnishing for months. It is also important to note that different cleaning products work with different types of instrument finishes. For example, there are polishing cloths made specifically for lacquered instruments, and polishes for silver or un-lacquered instruments. Treat and clean silver, gold, and nickel-plated instrument finishes with these products available on West Music.