Keeping an instrument clean is one of the most important and basic lessons students should learn as they progress as musicians. Not only is hygiene important to controlling germs, but a clean instrument will simply last longer and definitely sound better. West Music offers some of the most effective and safest germicide concentrates and disinfectant sprays for the mouthpiece. A clean instrument and a clear sound is as easy as a soak or a spray!

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Mi-T-Mist RT55 Mouthpiece Cleaner, 8oz
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Sterisol Germicide Concentrate, 8 oz
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West Music Steri-Spray Disinfectant 8 oz.
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Mi-T-Mist RT15 Mouthpiece Cleaner, 2 oz.
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West Music Steri-Spray Disinfectant 2 oz.
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Sterisol Germicide Concentrate, 2 oz
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    Regardless if it's a personal, a rental, or a school issued instrument, using a mouthpiece cleaner is crucial for protecting the player from possible infection due to contaminated surfaces. In addition, disinfectant sprays preserve instruments, keeping them playing and sounding great. There are two types of buildup found in a mouthpiece - mineral and organic. Mouthpiece cleaners remove mineral deposits that can interfere with playing and impact quality of the instrument. In addition, disinfectants eliminate organic buildup like mold and bacteria that can be harmful to the musician.

    Depending on the germicide or disinfectant, some are available spray-on while others become soaks through diluting with water. Quick and easy, sprays typically do not require rinsing of the instrument after. Either way, they are safe for the mouthpiece unlike home solutions such as bleach or alcohol, which may be less effective or too harsh. These disinfectants are non-poisonous and non-irritating to the mouth and throat, something that is of utmost importance to instrument players of all levels.

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