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Every music education classroom should be furnished with an abundance of music stands. Whether you're preparing for the school play, practicing for a jazz band, giving a guitar lesson, or conducting an orchestra, music holders are an absolute essential. With our music stand storage carts, you'll be able to swiftly set up your classroom and clear away the equipment when it's not needed. Be sure to use a music stand light when the lighting is low during a concert or recital.

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Manhasset Symphony 48 Music Stand
Item No. 500171 In Stock
Manhasset Music Stands
$92.50 $52.75
Manhasset Symphony 48 Music Stand, Box of 6
Item No. 500996 In Stock
Manhasset Music Stands
$472.99 $274.50
Wenger Classic 50 Music Stand
Item No. 500522 In Stock
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Black
Item No. 500121 In Stock
West Music Music Stands
$20.99 $9.99
Wenger Music Stand Move & Store Cart, Large
Item No. 500524 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Manhasset 1910 Music Stand Storage Cart
Item No. 500144 Ships directly from Manufacturer
Manhasset Music Stand Cart
$886.10 $513.95
Manhasset 1920 Short Music Stand Storage Cart
Item No. 500615 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Manhasset Music Stand Cart
$621.75 $360.75
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Purple
Item No. 500461 In Stock
West Music Music Stands
$27.99 $14.95
West Music Wire Music Stand w/Bag, Blue
Item No. 500457 In Stock
West Music Music Stands
$27.99 $14.95
    Ensure every player can easily read their sheet music during recitals, practice, or class with the music stands, accessories and storage carts carried here at West Music. Stock up on a variety of equipment, including folding music stands that easily transport from auditorium to classroom, conductor stands that sit tall and sturdy in front of the orchestra, stand lights to keep notes visible once the lights go down, and storage carts to keep gear safe and move large quantities around at one time.

    Whether you give private lessons, are buying for practice at home, or teach in the band program in school, we have a wide array of products to fit your budget. Offered by top brands like Manhasset, Hamilton, and Accent, finding quality music stands and accessories to work with your needs is simple!